Norland SDA Church

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The Communication Ministry calls for the support of every layperson, Church employee, and Church institution. The communication department promotes the use of a sound program of public relations and all contemporary communication techniques, sustainable technologies, and media in the promulgation of the gospel. The church elects the communication committee and the communication secretary who serves as chairperson. The pastor is primarily responsible for the communication program of the church. He works closely in an advisory capacity with the communication committee. 

Members of the committee are assigned specific communication responsibilities, such as interdepartmental communications, working with the press, social media, online personnel, and internal church media. The conference communication department provides appropriate instruction and help to the communication team. Any department or organization may appoint an individual to provide the communication leader or committee with information about newsworthy events. 



Communications Elder: Elder Barnes

Communications Chairperson and Secretary: Sis Iris Errar


Communications Committee

         Elder Bethune Davis

         Rayna Blackwood

         Kalphani Campbell

         Audrey Hosten 

         Kadeja Jacquet

         Deston Simmons

         KerriAnn Talbert

         Reggi Thomas

         Kadeen Wright