Norland SDA Church

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Deaconesses are chosen for their consecration and other qualifications that fit them for the duties of the office. The pastor, in conjunction with the elder(s), has the primary responsibility for training the deaconesses. An ordained body of individuals, this board is authorized to assign duties to individual deaconesses and cooperates closely with the Board of Deacons, especially in welcoming members and visitors and in conducting in home visitations. It also provides a training ground where new deaconesses are instructed in their duties.

Deaconesses serve the church in a wide variety of activities, including:

1. Greeting and visiting guests and members in their homes when they cannot attend services.

2. Deaconesses ensure that female candidates are cared for both before and after the baptismal ceremony. They suitable baptismal robes and are in charge of laundering and carefully storing these robes.

3. Deaconesses (and deacons) arrange for everything needed for the Communion Service. Before the service begins, they set the communion table, including preparing the bread and wine, pouring the wine, placing the plates of unleavened bread, and covering the table with the linen provided for that purpose. They also see that everything used is cared for afterward.  In the foot-washing service, they give special aid to women visitors and new members.

4. Deaconesses assist deacons in caring for the sick, needy, and unfortunate.

5. Deaconesses (and deacons) share the responsibility for the care and maintenance of church property


Deaconess Elder: Elder 

Head Deaconess: Sis Raymonde Davis